My Training and Education


I received my 500 Massage Therapist certificate as well as my 1000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner certificate at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  

I consistently take many continuing education classes and personal growth workshops to gain knowledge and experience and refinement.

California Massage Therapy Council- Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist

ABMP - Somatic Therapist

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-San Diego

-Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2
-Anatomy and Physiology 2
-Business Practice and Ethics-
-Circulatory (Swedish) Massage
-Clinical Instruction (Classroom experience)
-Environmental Stress Management (ESM)
-External Herbal Applications
-Eastern Deep Tissue
-Foot Reflexology 1 and 2
-Homeopathy 1
-Jin Shin Acutouch
-Medical Terminology
-Oriental Medical Theory
-Pathophysiology for Body Therapists
-Public Safety and Hygiene
-Qi Gong 1
-Shiatsu 1
-Sports Tui Na
-Tai Ji 1 and 2
-Thai Massage 1- Attended the class twice for review
-Tui Na Hand techniques
-Tui Na Structural

Upledger Institute

-Cranial Sacral Therapy 1 -San Diego, Ca.
-Cranial Sacral Therapy 2 -Atlanta, A                                                  
-Somato Emotional Release 1 -San Francisco, CA
-Somato Emotioal Release 2 -San Diego, CA
-Process Acupressure -Esalen Institute, Big sur
-Visceral Manipulation -San Diego, CA
-Lymph Drainage -San Diego, CA
-Zero Balancing- Los Angeles, CA

Foundation for Human Enrichment  

-Intro to Somatic Experiencing
-Somatic Experiencing Beginning 1, 2 and 3
-Intermediate 1,2 and 3
-Advanced 1 and 2

Mueller College San Diego  

-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/First Aid (CPR)-
-Reiki 1-
-Asian Fire Cupping     

Natural Healing Institute

-Body Mind Counseling Psychology I

San Diego Institute for Bioenergetic Anaylsis

-Introduction to relational somatic psychology

The Mankind Project

-The New Warrior Training Adventure

International Professional School of Bodywork

-Intro to Neuromuscular Therapy-
-Neuromuscular therapy for the abdomen and spine

Learn Homeopathy

-Bach flower Therapy 1
-Homeopathy 1
-Homeopathy 2
-Muscle Testing

Body Electric School of healing arts  

-Celebrating the Body Erotic- Participant twice and fifteen as an Assistant Facilitator    
-Celebrating the Body Erotic 2- Assistant Facilitator two times.
-Dear love of comrades -Once as a participant and once as an Assistant.
-In the Garden of life
-Healing the wounded Healer
-Creating Sacred Intimacy
-Power, Surrender and Intimacy- Conscious S&M
-New Years Visions- Assistant Facilitator
-Erotic Temple
-Tantra- One time as particpant and three time as an assistant facilitator.
-Advanced Sacred Intimacy                                             

Tantrika International    

-Learning to Live in Bliss                                 


-6 month Tantric Initiation