Tantric Massage for Men


 Forget the outside world allow yourself to relax and let go to enjoy a truly intimate journey.

 The goal of Tantric massage is to learn to awaken the body to a heightened state's of awareness and pleasure using Tantric and Taoist tools of Touch, Breath, Sound and Movement.

The massage is therapeutic in nature with a focus on pleasure. We will use use erotic energy to heal and release energy blockages that may exist around the body and the mind.

 The goal is to experience heightened states of pleasure through your whole being- Body, Mind and Spirit.

The invitation here and the intention is to go beyond what we have conditioned our bodies to do and be open to a higher realm of pleasure and peace. You will leave feeling relaxed, enlivened and more connected to your being.

As with all sessions, no two treatments will be the same. If you have specific concerns or challenges regarding sexuality and Intimacy a more focused and intention based Sacred Intimacy session may be what you are looking for.