Facts and Questions


I have never had a massage before and I am kind of nervous.
You have a lot of experience, I am not sure what to ask for.
Do I have to get naked.
Do you use a massage table.
I am kind of Self Conscious about my body.
I am nervous I may get aroused.
What do I need to do during the massage.
Do I need to share personal health information.
Does your work hurt.
What kind of products do you use.
Is there a shower available.
Do you give the same massage to everyone.


Are you licensed. What are your qualifications
Where are you located and what hours do you work.
How do I make an appointment.
What time should I arrive.
How long do the sessions last.
What should I do to prepare.
What is your privay policy.
What forms of payment do you accept.
Do you offer Discounts
How can i get a Gift Certificate
Do you take insurance.
DO you only work with Male clients

I never had a massage before and am kind of nervous.

 It's normal to be nervous when trying something new. I offer a safe, nurturing and discreet environment for your comfort. My space is temperature controlled and to enhance your experience I use music, scents, lighting and towel warmers.
When you arrive l greet you at the door and escort you to my massage room. We then talk about you and your health and what you would like to work on. I invite you to undress to your comfort level. During the session I check in with you to make sure you are comfortable. At anytime you can make requests, let me know if you would like the pressure to be adjusted, etc.

You have a lot of experience. I am not sure what to ask for.

We will talk and decide what style is going to work best for you.  I have studied many healing modalities and can work with a variety of people and diverse needs. I recommend you let me know of any health issues, aches, pains, injuries, insecurities or expectations.  Be as upfront as possible and leave the rest up to me. You will be in GREAT HANDS.

Do I have to get naked.

No. You undress to whatever point you are comfortable: Fully dressed, undressed completely, or anything in between. You may also choose to be draped (covered with a sheet or towel) or not.

Although most clients prefer to be nude with no draping, your modesty and boundaries are always respected. Of utmost importance to me is working within your boundaries. My clients never feel as if their limits have been invaded.

I provide excellent massage to clothed or partially covered clients, people who do remove all clothes and not request draping enjoy a massage that is more fluid in its execution. As a therapist, I can see the body in its entirety, allowing me to access the body's alignment and provide better service.

There are sessions where it is better to stay dressed. Nudity is not needed for Cranial Sacral and Somat-Emotional release sessions.

Do you work on massage table

Yes.  For your comfort and my safety I work with a wide Earthlite massage table that has extra padding and a heating unit. My massage room is private and I keep the room warm and cozy in the cooler months and I keep it cool in the warmer months. We can adjust to your liking.

I am kind of self-conscious about my body.

I work with a variety of body types, ages and sizes. All are welcome in my studio.

I am nervous I may get aroused.

Massage is very stimulating on many levels and sometimes men do get aroused. This is not a problem and I suggest you allow yourself to be in the moment without worry, fear or shame. Honor your body and all of its responses and enjoy your massage.

What do I need to do during the massage

All you have to do is just allow yourself to be present, to breathe and to let your body sink into the table. I know for some it is difficult to just receive. Many people are conditioned to be self-sufficient. I invite you to relax and let me do the work.

Do I need to share personal health information

Every massage and every person is unique. I like to know as much information as possible to provide you with a safe and effective session.

Does your work hurt

My work is relaxing and therapeutic and never meant to be uncomfortable. Some people believe that deep tissue work has to hurt, with my experience and personal style I have developed techniques that work deep into the muscles without being painful.

What kind of products do you use

I use a variety of products from Biotone: Clear Results massage oil (unscented), massage cream and warm coconut oil. I also use Therapeutic grade essential oils that can be incorporated in the session.

Is there a shower available.

Yes there is a shower available for you to use before or after the massage. Just let me know in advance so we can plan time wise.

Do you give the same massage to everyone

Each person is different and each person has different needs. We will talk about what is going to work for you and what will accomplish the desired outcome of our time together.


Are you licensed. What are your qualifications

Yes. I am  licensed in the the Sate of California as a Massage therapist. I am a nationally certified Somatic Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner.                                                      

Where are you located and what hours do you work

I have a private studio in the North Park area of San Diego, CA. (Just off of I-8 and Texas Street). There is convenient off-street parking available. I provide the address and directions when we confirm an appointment.

I am available for sessions 7 days a week.

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 8:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday 12:00 PM- 8:00PM*

*Depending on the day and my energy level earlier and later appointments can be arranged for an additional $20.00. Call for my availability.

How do I make an appointment.

Do the nature of my work all first time appointments voice to voice over the phone.. At that time we can discuss your session, what you would like to work on and or experience. At that time we will set a time that works for you.

What time should I arrive.

Please arrive at your scheduled time or no earlier than 5 minutes before the scheduled time. If you are going to arrive earlier please call  me and let me know. I will accommodate as I can.

How long are the sessions.

Session lengths vary depending on what type of massage or type of session you are interested in. Some modalities require more or less time. Let me know what you are interested in and we can decide from there the length of the session and the amount of time that should be scheduled.

What do I need to do to prepare.

 Please arrive freshly showered. You're welcome to shower here,  just know that will be part of your scheduled time. Please refrain from wearing colognes and strong body sprays. If you have a cold or contagious skin condition, please call to reschedule for another time.  It is to your benefit to be clear with the type of session you are interested in. I am intuitive, but not a mind reader. A clear intention is part of a great session.

What is your privacy policy

All conversations and sessions are considered confidential and private. Any personal information, whether written or orally conveyed, is kept in the strictest of confidence and never shared with any other person or organization.

What forms of payment do you accept

I accept cash , all major Credit Cards and checks from clients I have worked with at least once before.

Do you offer discounts

I offer package deals that reduce the cost and saves you money. Currently I am offering buy two sessions and get a third for half off.

How can I get a gift certificate

Let me know before hand and I will print one up for you. You can get 60 minutes, 90 minutes and even a package deals.

Do you take insurance

I do not accept insurance but I can give you a receipt you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Do you only work with male clients

No. I work with both men and women. However my Tantric sessions are for men only,single or couples . I can refer out to other Tantric Practitioner's for one on one sessions for women.